Beautiful skin through vascular training

The innovative concept of VACUFIT® enables a passive vascular training that tightens the skin and improves vascular perfusion. A clear difference can be felt in just a few minutes – with long term improvement of spider veins and cellulite.

The VACUFIT® system has its technological, medical-scientific origin in space medicine. In the weightlessness of the orbit, astronauts have to undergo a negative pressure application in an LBNPD (Lower Body Negative Pressure Device) every ten hours to avoid orthostatic complications; this is the only way to ensure sufficient blood circulation in the lower extremities, despite the lack of gravitational forces. The continuation of the LBNPD is the VACUFIT® system. The result is intermittent vacuum therapy (IVT). By means of rhythmic vascular dilation, it promotes ‘flow’ in the lymphatic system, arteries and veins. All that passive and time-saving.



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