Your benefit

Our exceptional EMS (electrical muscular stimulation) approach offers you the opportunity to configure your training effectively and according to your specific needs. We aim to equip you to reach your personal goals quickly by leveraging our capabilities. 

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Your benefit

with EMS-Training

  • Healthy joints

    You can reduce painful joints which are attributed to arthrosis by exercising our joint-friendly EMS-Training.

  • Unlimited hydration

    It is very important to drink enough before and after your EMS-Training. Since we want to support a successful training beverages are included in the price you paid.

  • Cardiovascular support

    Training with the EMS-Training can gently strengthen your entire cardio-vascular system.

  • Enhanced performance

    It doesn’t matter if you are a top athlete or just doing sports as a hobby: you will trade on our EMS- Training by increasing more power and efficiency.

  • Weight loss and toning

    Do you want to lose weight and tighten your body? No problem - the activation of almost every muscle group helps you train all problematic areas.

  • Saving time

    Already 20 minutes EMS-Workout a week would be enough to reach your training goals.

  • Personal training

    Your personal trainer pays attention to your movements and corrects mistakes if necessary during each of your appointements.

  • Healthy spine

    A specific and active movement eases your back pain and conditions your body to be fit in your daily routine.

  • Digital Analyses

    The recording of your training enables you and us a clear and quickly adaptable training success.

  • Athletic appearance

    Through additional electromagnetic impulses even your low-lying musculature will be adressed.

  • Fixed dates

    To integrate your EMS-Training successful in your daily routine you will get fixed appointments from us.